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Exclusive Nevada County,CA program for small businesses who would like their website updated, increase customer retention, improve their online presence, simplify any web processes.

what OUR clients say

Working with Adam at 1EarthStudio is always a great experience. He is organized, communicative, and delivers quality work on time. He has a good eye for detail and problem solving. When it comes to my website needs, integrations, back end tech support and design, he is my go-to creator. I look forward to working with him for years to come.

TIA MARIE - founder at Sinatia

I am terrible with technology and was really struggling to figure out how to get a website set up for my new business. Adam is not only knowledgeable, but very proactive and efficient. He helped me get a site up and running that is clean, easy to navigate, and compatible for any device whether that be a hand held smart phone, i pad, desktop, etc. The format adjusts seamlessly to whatever you’re using it on. Including clickable icons for other social media platforms, booking links, whatever you need. Adam is also quick to answer any questions or concerns you might have. You can tell that he genuinely cares about his work and helping others.

LEILA HALBERT - founder at Salon Festa

Some of the work we have done for local business to improve their online presence.

Website Redesing - webdesign & development

We  start with a simple site audit. This audit will go over your current website to inspect your sites health.(think of this as your check up doctors appointment)

This audit will provide you a check list of things that need improvement for your site to function properly and your visitors experience is as easy as possible.

- site speed - This is called Bounce Rate and means the slower your site loads the more likely your visitors will leave before it fully loads.
- sites overall graphic design, visual hierarchy
- "Good design is invisible"- check for any broken links that don't work - You want those Facebook likes and Instagram followers right?
- make sure your sites menu isn't overly complicated for your visitor to navigate
- is your site mobile device friendly
- According to recent studies by about 53% of all website visits in 2019 are done on mobile devices.

After your sites audit is done you go over our report. You can decide if you want your site to look fresh and clean following the latest trends and guidelines of modern web design

When design is approved we move into development. This is where the magic happens and your design is transformed into a functioning site. All of our websites are built:

- RESPONSIVE - meaning website adjusts to any screen size from desktop down to a mobile device.
- FAST - speed of your site is the most important thing in modern web development. Because nobody wants to sit and wait for a site to load.
- ACCESSIBLE - none is left behind, people with physical disabilities, color blind people etc. And you are protected against a possible law suit.
- SEO - we plugin the necessary words, terms so people can find you on Google, coz if you are not on Google, you basically dont exist.