Where to look for web design inspiration

Starting a web design project, but not sure where to look for inspiration?

Web design inspiration

In todays blog post Im gonna share a few links to website you can find inspiration. Websites I use to get inspired, and other tools to start gathering what you like.


Yes you might be surprised but Pinterest is a great source, open their site and type "web design" into the search bar. Whats great is that you can easily create your own pinterest board if you create an account so you will never loose the ones you liked so much. What pinterest does really well, is when you click on a design you like it has great algorithm that will suggest you similar web designs.


2. Siteinspire

Nicely curated list of modern websites, it has a solid filter to help you find what you are looking for.



Hover the Websites button in the menu bar and it will show all the different categories you can choose from.


4. Minimal.gallery

Hundreds of websites to look at.


5. Awwwards

As you can probably tell, this a page that showcases the best of the best design and Im gonna be honest, Im not there...yet.


So you found a few sites you like, create a pinterest board and/or google doc and drop all the site links in so you can use it when you ready to build your new site.

Adam - Web designer Grass Valley

Adam Roguljic

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