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Whats Webflow and why should I care?

I - Fast development

Webflow has established itself in the recent years for being a place where ideas can bu turned into pages in a matter of hours/days not weeks or months going to usual web developer route.

II - Top notch hosting

Hosting relies on AWS which is has been one of the fastest growing companies in the last few years and the reason is their reliable hosting and DNS network.

III - Customization

You can build basically anything on the web using Webflow. There is a reason it is a tool of the designers on the forefront of webdesign itself.

All the webflow stuff

Migrations to Webflow

No longer happy with your current website built on XYZ platform?

White label Webflow dev

Is your developer too busy and cant keep up with al the work you have for them?


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What happens when my 18 months agreement expires?

You get to decide if you want to continue your subscription or take over your website completely and go on your own

What if I miss a monthly payment?

If you happen to miss your payment, you will have a 7 days to do so. If payment isnt made within those 7 days, your website will be turned off until a payment is made.

Can I use my unused tasks next month?

No, unfortunately tasks dont roll over into next month. You can purchase extra tasks at $15 a task.

How do I submit my tasks?

You will have access to a google doc where you can write all your tasks. They will be taken care of within 48 hours.

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