Whats Webflow and why I use it

Webflow is a powerful no code website building tool

Hey there, you may have heard about Webflow, and are not sure what it is a why people talk about it, use it.

Webflow is so called No-Code website builder, that allows you to build websites like if you are actually coding. You most likely know WordPress which accounts for majority of websites on the internet. And you have heard about Squarespace, wix and similar drag and drop website builders.

So where does Webflow stand? Somewhat in the middle. It is a powerful tool that allows you to build sites that would be lot harder to build in Squarespace without a custom code. It doesn't relly on plugins for even the most basic things such as google analytics, SEO, contact forms, and speed of your site. All the necessary stuff is built in Webflow.

What I love the most about Webflow when building a site for a client as opposed to WordPress is the ability to test your website live via the webflow.io subdomain. No need to hide behind Coming Soon page. You can do all the live testing in real world and then publish to the actual domain with a few clicks.

Adam - Web designer Grass Valley

Adam Roguljic

Hi. Im Adam, freelance website designer, and creator of 1Earth Studio. I am a former mechanical engineer, I take the engineering mind and help you build strategy driven websites that help grow your business.

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