No more monthly maintenance fees, own your website.

Lindsay Weills

/ Project background


  • Migrate Wordpress site to Webflow to eliminate monthly maintenance fees
  • Build a blog, and real estate listings as CMS for client to update themselves


  • Website refresh and migration to Webflow happened in 3 weeks time
  • Client is now able to update her real estate listings manually via CMS
  • Site sumitted to Google Search Console, and is now indexed on Google


  • Website migration from Wordpress to Webfllow

/ Process

Our process began with a wireframe (image on the right) of Lindsay's new website being migrated from WordPress to Webflow. The key component of the project was the overhaul of the listings section, which was carefully refreshed.

We wire-framed the future blogs and integrated real estate listings into Webflow's Content Management System (CMS), allowing Lindsay to manage and update listings herself.

The process was a meticulous one, and we worked diligently to ensure a seamless transition and redesign that would meet Lindsay's objectives.

/ Outcome

The outcome of our collaboration with Lindsay was a website that not only met her business's needs but exceeded her expectations. We provided her with a platform that beautifully represented her real estate business. The site was no longer tethered to monthly maintenance fees, making it more secure and resilient. With the elimination of WordPress plugins, the risk of potential hacks or site crashes was significantly reduced.

Notably, our work extended to the creation of a user-friendly blog page and the integration of real estate listings into Webflow's CMS. These features allowed Lindsay to update her content effortlessly, keeping her website fresh and engaging for her clientele. The website now reflects her professionalism and commitment to providing excellent service to her clients.

/ Impact

The impact of our collaboration on Lindsay Weills has been transformative. She now enjoys full ownership and control of her website and domain name. Most importantly, she's liberated from the financial shackles of monthly maintenance fees. The money saved from these fees has been reallocated to critical areas of her real estate business, fueling growth and success.

This project has been a game-changer for Lindsay, granting her the freedom and flexibility she sought in her online presence. It's not just about a website; it's about the empowerment of a dedicated real estate agent to better serve her clients and further expand her business. At 1 Earth Studio, we take pride in being a part of Lindsay's journey to digital independence, and we look forward to making a similar impact on businesses in the future.

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