Update your website without the help of a developer.


/ Project background


  • Website redesign, use of more bold colors that stand out
  • Make it easier to update the page with our growing therapists team


  • Simplified navigation bar for easier orientation on the website
  • Blog post is easier to read by making the text span half the page width
  • Therapists page & blog is built as CMS and is easy to update by a client without the designers involvement.


  • Webflow migration from Squarespace
  • Website redesign
  • CMS pages

/ Process

The work began with a meticulous site-mapping (image on the right) for the new website. A collaborative effort on new copywriting injected fresh life into their narrative, and a round of team photoshoots captured the true Transform’s team.

The blog page underwent a makeover for enhanced readability, and the introduction of a CMS collection for team profiles meant that adding new team members would be a breeze. It was a combination of creativity and functionality, with each step carefully thought out to bring their vision to life.

/ Outcome

In our collaboration with Transform Psychotherapy, we revitalized their online image to match their innovative therapy services. Our work involved archiving and refreshing their website content, enhancing the brand with a new, user-friendly design, and integrating a CMS for team profiles and blog posts.

The result is a dynamic, bright, inviting digital presence, reflective of Transform Psychotherapy's unique and transformative approach.

The user-friendly design serves as a virtual welcome mat, inviting visitors into the world of transformative therapy.

/ Impact

The transformation of Transform Psychotherapy's digital presence has had a solid impact. The refreshed website, with its well structured sitemap design and enriched content, has markedly improved interactions with clients and made accessing services more intuitive and user-friendly.

The introduction of a new CMS has streamlined the updating of team profiles and blog posts, mirroring the company's growth. These enhancements have not only elevated Transform Psychotherapy's brand but have also fostered a stronger, more trusting connection with their clients, underlining their commitment to transformative ketamine therapy services.

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