Improved customer journey, for a regenerative farm.

PT Ranch

/ Project background


  • Redesign an outdated website
  • Clearly communicate what we do
  • Make the homepage more than just a photo gallery


  • Improved UX and simplified sitemap structure
  • Site that clearly communicates their mission and what their farm is about
  • Streamlined shopping experience - online, wholesale, farm stand


  • Website redesign
  • UX design

/ Process

In the spirit of regeneration that PT Ranch embodies, we at 1Earth Studio began the process of digital renewal. Our initial conversations were like tilling the soil, preparing for new growth as we identified pages that had no longer served a purpose.

We carefully curated the new navigation menu (image on the right), consolidating scattered pages. A sitemap was born, a navigational compass that directed users with intuitive ease.

The newsletter form, once a hidden two clicks deep, was brought into the middle of the homepage.

/ Outcome

In our collaboration with PT Ranch, we redefined their online presence. We brainstormed a site map, ensuring streamlined design and intuitive functionality. We spotlighted PT Ranch's commitment to community engagement, improving their featured venues, retreat, Airbnb, and established a user-friendly online shopping experience.

This digital transformation eliminated the clutter of outdated information, replacing it with an intuitive navigation bar. Our efforts resulted in a fusion of PT Ranch's traditional spirit, vividly narrated through a website that mirrors the farm's ethos of regenerative farming and community connection.

/ Impact

The revamp of PT Ranch's website marked a pivotal moment in enhancing their business and brand identity. This digital transformation not only simplified user interactions but also effectively highlighted the ranch's distinct values and community involvement.

The redesigned website led to heightened sales of their thanksgiving turkey, reflecting a positive shift in customer interaction and interest. By authentically representing PT Ranch's dedication to quality and community connection, the new website has fortified their brand image, establishing a renewed digital presence that resonates deeply with their ethos and enhances their reputation in sustainable farming and community-centric practices.

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